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Monday, 31 March 2014

Bethany's First Ballet Class

So today Bethany went to her first ever Ballet Class called Twinkle Toes at The Music Mill.
Two of her friends have been going for a while, but Bethany had to wait until she turned 3 years old due to the age restriction.
So we turned up, signed the forms and off she went to get changed.
She was extremely excited about getting to put her tutu on and had been going on about it all day.
Once we got into the studio she went and sat down with everyone else and seemed very happy.
Then they started the music and Bethany started screaming (Oops!!)
After a little calming down she seemed to be quiet happy to go back and join in.
She was pointing her toes and floating like a butterfly and doing all the little moves very well. I felt extremely proud of her, and considering she had her little wobble at the beginning of the session she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.
We will definitely be going back again and at £4 a session which lasts nearly and hour I think its a very good price, now we just need to buy her some little Ballet pumps to go with her outfit and she will look like a little Ballerina.