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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Current Jewellery Wish List

Recently I have been looking at lots of lovely sparkly Jewellery online. I thought I would share some of my favourite pieces with you all.
Katia Silver and Thread Bracelet £46

A bracelet made of coloured reinforced cotton strands onto which are threaded polished sections of silver, knotted to a solid compact silver clasp.
Available Here

'I Love You' Bird Necklace £12
A gorgeous pair of love birds flying above a heart adorned with the words 'I love you'. Available Here
Deidre Leaf Drop Pendant Necklace £16
This beautiful real single leaf has been dipped in silver and attached to a fine chain, and because of this each necklace is utterly original. 
Available Here
Sabine Chain Link Stretch Bracelet £17
A stunning bracelet with wrapped chain feature, stretchable thread and adjustable link chain. Available Here

Sabrina Cubic Zirconia Pearl Drop Earrings £58
 These beautiful earrings feature cubic zirconia gemstone. Cubic zirconia is a grown mineral which has a very close visual likeness to diamond and is optically flawless, giving these earrings an extra standout quality.
Available Here
Hand Painted Porcelain Running Horse Necklace £24
A super cute running horse necklace with tiny bow, hand cast from porcelain and hand painted in the UK. How can you resist!
Available Here

Live Love Laugh Bracelet £14
 Live Love Laugh is a simple silver band bracelet with a plaited black cord, enscribed with 'Live Love Laugh' statement.
Available Here

Pink Tape Measure Bangles £29
 These fabulous and funky 'Tape Measure' Bangles that can be worn together or wear separately for a more delicate look, Every item is unique.
Available Here
Valentine Heart Charm Earrings £12
A lovely pair of heart charm earrings, Available Here

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