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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter Baking!

So Today We've been doing lots of Easter Baking in the Kitchen and it smells fantastic!
We decided to make some Disney Face Cakes which were rather exciting.

I used the same cake mix I used for the Victoria Sponge Click Here This was enough to fill all four Moulds.
Once they were baked we had to make sure they were completely cooled before removing them from the moulds! This was a tricky task and as you can see, poor Piglet did lose his mouth in the process.

Pooh Bear & Piglet!

Donald Duck!

 Bambi was my favourite out of all the cakes we baked and turned out the best too! 


 We also made some more chocolate Easter Lollies! This time we made Milky Bar and Galaxy Lollies. (Click Here to see previous post).
They look delicious and I cannot wait to get stuck into them this weekend! (Good Bye Diet).
And then Bethany wanted to make her favourite! The Easter Nests!
These sadly wont make it till Friday as Bethany has already eaten two!

If you enjoy Baking and love all things Disney, why not sign up to get your Disney Cakes & Sweets magazine and bake ware through the post every month like we do.

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  1. your baking posts always make me hungry!

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