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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hobby Craft Make it! - Butterfly Decoration Review

Today we went to Hobby craft and Bethany chose a make your own Butterfly Decoration to make.

Once we got home Bethany could not wait to open the box and start making her Butterfly. So we opened up the box and inside was 1 big Butterfly, 1 tube of glue, 1 tube of glitter glue, 1 long piece of ribbon, big pom poms, some smaller pom poms and some jewels.

Bethany started by gluing the two pom poms on the antenna.
Next Bethany glued the pom poms onto the Butterfly's body.

Then Beth glued the Gems onto the Butterfly's wings.

Finally we used the glitter glue on the wings to make it sparkle.

Bethany absolutely loved making her Butterfly and is going to hang this in her room with the piece of pink ribbon that came in the box.
You can purchase your very own Make your own Butterfly for a bargain price of £1.50 at any Hobby craft store or online at

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