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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mummy Bear & Baby Bear Day!

So Today is Tuesday, this is the only day of the working week Bethany and I get to spend a full day together other than the weekend!
Now Bethany's started Nursery and I am back at work part-time, were making Tuesdays Mummy Bear & Baby Bear day!

Bethany's first day at Nursery!
So today we decided to start the day by making some yummy super oat flapjack that we were kindly sent from Sweetpea Pantry (review to follow shortly).

Once the Super oat flapjack was cooled we had it with our picnic lunch in the lounge

After our little picnic we played Hungry Frogs which was great fun!
Then we made some Pin wheels that Bethany received in her Easter bag.

These were really good, however maybe for children who are a little older than Bethany as you need to hold all 4 pieces of paper together at the same time while using a pin to put through the middle, then through the straw at the back!

Then we curled up on the sofa and watched a couple of episodes of Bethany's favourite program (at the moment)! Team Umizoomi! Which however annoying it is for me to watch the same episodes over and over again, is actually a very educational program.

We've spent a lovely day together. Now its time for me to start cooking dinner and preparing everyone's pack lunches for tomorrow.

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