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Monday, 21 April 2014

Our Easter Afternoon!

So we spent Easter Afternoon at my Grandparents house.
My Gran had laid out another Easter Egg hunt for Bethany and my brother Tommy!
We had to follow the string and wind it up as we went along into a little ball, every time the string was wrapped around something it meant there was a plastic egg somewhere near containing some goodies.
We did end up a little tangled up at times and had to un-tangle ourselves!
Bethany was very good at finding the plastic eggs while I wound the string up for her!
At the end was a bag full of goodies for everyone.
Bethany had a chocolate carrot game, Make your own necklace set and a few other bits.

Mummy & Bethany!
After the Egg hunt my Gran had cooked us a fantastic Roast Beef dinner with all the trimmings, and then Apple and Blackberry crumble and Trifle for pudding.

Playing with Uncle Adam, waiting for pudding!

Hanging out with Uncle Tommy!
Bethany spent the rest of the Afternoon playing with Tommy and eating mini eggs!!
We all had a fantastic Easter Sunday and today were spending Easter Monday relaxing and doing lots of Arts & Crafts.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday too.

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