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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Our Easter Morning!

Today is Easter Sunday (Eek!). Bethany had her first Easter trail this morning (The Easter Bunny had been very busy last night!).
When she woke up she discovered the Easter bunny had been and layed lots of little chocolate eggs and Easter coins for a trail to her bigger eggs!
Straight away she started putting the little eggs into her princess bowl and following the trail along the hall, down the stairs, through the hall, into the kitchen, ending in the lounge.
Bethany was extremely excited that the Easter bunny had been to visit and couldn't wait to get stuck into her chocolate!

Some of Bethany's Eggs from Family & Friends.

After breakfast Bethany coloured in two lovely Easter postcards.


We got these great Easter Postcards from Hobbycraft! They come with a envelope and a little piece of wood to make the postcard stand up at the back.
Then we made a Pom Pom Easter Rabbit.
This little pack is fab you get three animals in it, Rabbit, Chick and Sheep!
 Were off out now to have a family afternoon and another Easter Egg hunt! Keep your eyes peeled for our Easter afternoon post coming soon.....

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  1. wow it looks like the easter bunny really was busy!

    Love it!

    Laura @