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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Our Rainy Afternoon In!

Today here in Devon the Weather isn't very nice, its wet and cold.
So Bethany and I decided to have an afternoon curled up on the sofa with a blanket some snacks and a new film.
The Film!
I bought Frozen the new Disney film as soon as it came out due to everyone saying it was such a good film when it was out in the cinema, but we were yet to watch it so today was the perfect time.
We got our snacks, Bethany chose a pack of Iced Gems and a Disney Princess Kinder egg along with some Strawberries.
Snacks picked
The film is absolutely fantastic and definitely lives up to the reviews I have read, and I would highly recommend watching it to anyone, its not just a kids film its for adults too. It has some real comical moments and the Disney Princess moments too. Bethany watched the whole film without getting up from the sofa and wandering off to play, there were lots of ooooo's and arrrrr's coming from her when there were snow flakes flying round and pretty things happening. When the film finished she said it was really good!
Enjoying the snacks!
Definitely worth buying and without a doubt we will be watching it again!


  1. My mum sent it over we are watching it tonight, can't wait!! Got the micro popcorn ready!!

    Great post!

    1. Its so good, im sure the Girls will absolutely love it :)