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Monday, 7 April 2014

Toucan Box number 2!

Today we are sharing our second Toucan box with you.
Our box contained the contents to make a Tambourine this week, which Bethany found very exciting.
In the box we had an Embroidery hoop, Greaseproof paper, Stickers, Binder clips, 3 Bells and the Instructions on how to make it.

First we had to undo the Hoop and put the Greaseproof paper between the two hoops, then tighten the hoops back together again and cut around it.

Next we had to disconnect the Binder clip and thread the bells on to the loops.

Once the Bells were all on we had to put the clips onto the side of the Embroidery hoop.
Then came the fun part for Bethany, the stickers!

Once the Tambourine was finished Bethany loved playing with it.


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