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Friday, 23 May 2014

Hallmark Until We Hug Again Bear & Interactive Storybook

We recently received a lovely Bear from Hallmark, But this wasn't just any old Bear it was an Until we Hug again Bear.
The until we hug again bear lets you record your voice for up to 30 seconds, and your child will be able to hear your words every time this sweet bear is hugged. With Hallmark's Voice-Save™ technology, messages are safe—even if the batteries begin to fade. Record a new message over and over, or save your message by "locking" it.
This Bear is a great size for adults and children it is 7" by 11" and comes with Batteries which is fab (saves you having to hunt round of some)!
Bethany loves his patches he has especially the heart on his tummy, and she loves that he's so soft to touch and hug.
Bethany decided she wanted to record her voice on the Bear and give it to her Uncle Adam for his birthday This weekend, so we started the process of recording Bethany's voice.
The Bear comes with instructions on the bottom of the packaging and its extremely easy to follow. The recorded voice plays back very clear.
The until we hug again Bear would also make a fantastic Fathers day Gift!
You can purchase your bear here for £14.99
We were also sent the Fairy Grandmother Interactive storybook.
This colourful hard back book has 24 pages of fun. Located throughout the pages of the interactive storybook are red sentences, these red words are ‘trigger’ words which mean that once they have been read out loud they trigger a reaction from the book. These reactions may be in the form of a question, statement or noise and with over 30 possible options there is no chance of Bethany getting bored of this story!
Bethany loved that the booked talked back and she really thought she was having a real conversation.
We absolutely love the Hallmark interactive storybook, the pictures are pretty and colourful, the story is absolutely fab, and the sounds and words are loud and clear.
This fantastic storybook is £14.99 and is available to buy here

Disclaimer: We were sent the until we hug again Bear and interactive storybook for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Aw that bear is cute. I still have my first ever teddy bear :)


  2. Hi great review, the Until We Hug Again Bear is still available at at just £12.99. We also have the All board book interactive storybook and the A day at fairy Grandmother's interactive storybook for only £8.99 each!