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Sunday, 22 June 2014

A round up of our nightmare week!

This week hasn't been great for poor old Bethany!
Monday afternoon while I was at work I got a call to ask if I could go and collect her from nursery early as she was extremely hot and very sleepy!
When I got there she didn't look right at all bless her, she was sat cuddling the teacher and apparently she had been snoozing.
When I got her home to check her temperature she was 39.3!! I gave her some Calpol in the hope her temperature would go down but it just kept going up. She seemed very drowsy and not very with it, so I called the doctor and we were sent straight down.
When we got to the doctors she examined her and asked us to take her to the paediatrics department at our local hospital to try and get her temperature down, and get her checked over to see what was causing it.
When we got in and were seen her temperature had slowly started to come down again and she was a bit more alert.
After checking her over and not finding much we were eventually sent home.
Tuesday Bethany seemed a little better - she had perked up a bit and generally looked better in herself. Bethany still had a slight temperature but nothing Calpol couldn't control.
Wednesday Bethany seemed better - still in the Calpol and she really wanted to go back to nursery for her afternoon session.
I thought maybe she could go back as the temperature seemed to be maintaining ok with the help of the Calpol, so off she went.
When I picked her up her eyes were not right and the teacher said she was very hot again and asking for cuddles, she hadn't really touched any of her lunch either.
I took her home and took her temperature again! this time it was 39.5 and going up! I couldn't get it to come down and after an hour it was 39.7 and I was getting a little worried so called the doctor again, and we were eventually yet again sent down to the hospital!
When we got there they were going to do blood test so they put some magic cream on Beth's hand! She was not impressed by this and I had to have some magic cream on too! Zulu (Bethany's Zebra teddy she takes everywhere) had to have his chest listened to and his ears look at!
Eventually they decided to try Bethany with some ibuprofen. As she suffers with asthma and chest problems they were very unsure of this at first, and we had always been told not to give it to her at a risk of setting her asthma off, but the best place for her to try it would obviously be in the hospital.
Beth at the hospital
After a couple of hours the ibuprofen seemed to be doing the trick and the temperature had gone back down to a reasonable level.
They decided not to do the blood tests but could still not tell us what was actually causing the temperature, just to keep monitoring to make sure it didn't spike again!
Thursday the temperature stayed under control with the ibuprofen and calpol although it did spike once we managed to get it back down again.
Friday came - temperature sky high again and then all of a sudden she was sick! Everywhere! this then meant that the calpol that was going in was then coming straight back out again.
Back to the doctors we had to go! (starting to feel like I should just move in by this point)!
It seems that after Bethany was sick her temperature had come right down which was great, however the doctor said she was very dehydrated and that I needed to take her home and get some water into her (easier said than done), otherwise she would be sent back to the hospital to be put on a drip (no thank you)!
So back home we went, every few minute's I was trying to stick a juice bottle in her mouth to get her to at least sip some. 
We had until 3.30pm to get Bethany to do a wee on the potty before they were going to send her to the hospital.
Woohoo, eventually not long before the deadline we got a wee.
This week has been really worrying for me, especially not knowing why her temperature was so high for so long!
Im just glad that now she seems to be on the mend. It seems ever since she was sick the temperature has fingers crossed stayed down and we have now stopped with the medicine.
 Yesterday we spent the day in my parents garden (Beth's first day out since being poorly).
Paddling pool and Nanny's
Was lovely to see her back to her normal self. Lets hope she's now over it and we don't have another week like that for a long time!


  1. Aww! Bless her! What a rubbish week!
    Glad to hear she's on the mend now :) x

  2. Aww poor little Beth, worrying time for you too, glad to hear she's feeling better x

  3. Thank you both, she's definitely back to her normal self now! x