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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Saturday Fun at Living Coasts

Today we decided to take a trip to Living Coasts coastal zoo and aquarium in Torquay, we have been a few times before but its always better when the weather is nice.
We have a family annual pass for Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts that my lovely Mum and Dad bought us for my birthday, so we can go as many times as we like in a year.
So off we set in the car. It only takes us about 15 minutes to get from Newton abbot to Torquay.
When we got to living coasts unfortunately the whole car park was full so we had to go to another near by car park.
Then the fun began! We then realised we didn't have any change for the parking meter! Then I noticed we could pay by phone, well what a nightmare that was, it took forever to enter all the details and you have to remember to call them back to un-park your car when you leave!
Any how...... We arrived just before lunch showed our passes and got in straight away no queue which was great.
As you walk in there is a board that tells you about all the different feeding times and talks.
There's lots of conservation and local coastal history stations dotted around the place.

The first animals we saw were the Penguins at Penguin Beach, they were so adorable, one was happy just sat by himself!

Some were nesting waiting for their eggs to hatch....
This little fella was trying to make an escape but he soon got ushered back by the keeper!!

Next up we got to Auk cliff, there were lots of different bird here,Tufted puffins, guillemots and red-legged kittiwakes. They dive under the water and you can see them from below when you first walk into living coasts.
After Auk Cliff is a refreshments area selling yummy ice cream which was definitely needed today! They also had a little area kids to play with some water (what kid doesn't like water)!
Waders Estuary came next.....
this is a coastal estuary complete with running streams, little islands, mudflats, little beach areas, and estuary plants.
There's about 150 waders in this habitat.
Otter rapids was just around the corner.
The little ones seemed very warm and were all curled up in the shade together.
The Thinking face....
Next we got to Fur Seal Cove! The seal Grace had just recently had a pup so it seems there were no seals were on show which was a little pants!! They are one of my favourite animals.
Bethany decided to still have a good nosey to see if she could see anything while having a juice.
The Mysterious Mangroves are under the ground, its filled with lots of aquarium tanks with over 20 different species.
Sting ray, sea horse and lots of fish!
After the Mangroves you can view the penguins through the giant glass walls or do some colouring in the kids area.
You can walk through the water tunnel where the seals usually swim over which is lovely.
Bug World is around the corner and then you get to Octopus odyssey.
You can play some interactive games on the screens here before checking out the puffer fish and the octopus.
Once you get to the end you can check out the gift shop or get some food in the café upstairs.
We decided to go to the Harvester next door for some food.
Bethany loved her Pasta and it was gone in no time!
Ben had a chicken burger with Piri Piri sauce, and I had the Baby back ribs with the Jack Daniels sauce.

Beth then shared Daddy's ice cream sundae!
Must have been a tiring day as she was totally worn out and fell asleep on the way home!
All in all we have a fantastic family afternoon out and are looking forward to our outing tomorrow for Fathers Day!
Watch this space for our post about Fathers Day coming up soon.
Hope your all enjoying your weekend.

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