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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What we have been up to the last few days!

I thought I would share the highs and lows of our last few days with you all!

Friday Bethany had to have her 3 years 4 months booster jabs at the doctors!
Ben took her to get them done after he finished work, she was very brave but moved when they did the first arm and now she has a massive black bruise on her arm!

She was given a certificate of Bravery by the Nurse.

Saturday when we got up I discovered Bethany had another cold! Normally when Bethany gets a cold she ends up with a chest infection. In the last 10 weeks Bethany has had 3 chest infections and been in and out of hospital with them! So we carried on the day as normal wondering what they day would bring. We went to visit Ben's Nan in the morning like we do every Saturday. Then we went Birthday shopping for my little brother Tommy (my two brothers birthdays are a week apart!).

In the afternoon we made some Chocolate Brownies. I normally make my own from scratch but I thought I would give this Betty Crocker mix ago as I thought it looked very good.

All I had to do was add some oil, water and 1 egg. I also added some Pecan nuts to it for a bit of crunch.

The mix was all prepared in its own little bag.
 It literally took a couple of minutes to mix it all together and pop in a tin and into the oven.

We got about 15 servings out of it and they were really gooey and tasty.
Sunday was Tommy's birthday, by this time Bethany had started to become wheezy and was back on the Blue inhaler as well as her daily Brown inhaler!
We decided to take Bethany and Tommy to the arcades at Goodrington Sands before our family meal at lunchtime.
Bethany on the 2p machine with Daddy!

Bethany & Tommy!

They both enjoyed the 2p machines. This was Bethany's first real trip to the arcades where she could do more than just a few rides!
They had a children's size air hockey table which was great, they both enjoyed it!
Tommy managed to Win himself a Teddy from the grabber machines!
After the arcades we went to the restaurant across the road called Inn on the quay (which is a brewers fayre).
Mum & Dad joined us along with my Brother Adam and my Gran.
Tom waiting for his dinner while putting his Brazil stickers in his world cup album!

After our meal we went back to Grans for Birthday cake.
Blowing the 11 candles out!
Gran always makes the best cake, normally we have Mars bar cake but Tommy doesn't like chocolate cake so Gran made him a Jelly Babies Cake!
We left shortly after as Bethany's breathing started getting really fast and wheezing more and more with a temperature of 39!
When we got home I rang the out of hours doctor and we got sent straight down to see him. The Doctor said Bethany had a Viral infection and just to carry on with the inhalers and keep an eye to make sure it didn't turn into a Chest infection. He also told us to make a follow up appointment on Tuesday at our GP Surgery to have her checked out again.
Monday came and Ben took the day off as Bethany wasn't well enough to go to nursery. She seemed to be on the mend and not as wheezy as before, temperature was back to normal!
They spend the day doing arts and crafts and playing, also drawing and learning on the Tablet.
Sending me Selfies while I was at work!
Today was Bethany's check up at the doctors. Now although she suffers with Asthma to me she doesn't sound very bad and she's quite chirpy! How wrong was I! The Doctor listened to her chest and said she was incredibly wheezy on the inside, her oxygen levels were on the low side and her pulse rate was high.
But after 10 weeks of nothing but constant chest infections and problems they have finally decided to up her dosage of daily inhalers, so fingers crossed this will help prevent further attacks and now were just battling to get this one under control!
She's got more check ups over the next few days to keep an eye on it to make sure its not going to spiral out of control. Now I have the fun part of trying to prevent a 3 year old from running around too much and getting out of breath.
Bethany has really suffered the last few months so lets hope this is finally the beginning of the end of these problems for her.


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  1. Looks like you have had a very busy and fun week, apart from the jabs. The brownies look scrumptious and you all look like you had a fun week.