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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Baker Ross Arts & Crafts - Summer Range

Most children love getting covered in paint or sticky with glue, so when we received our exciting box of Arts and Crafts from Baker Ross recently we couldn't wait to open it up and see what fun was inside.
As soon as the box was opened Bethany was already picking out what she wanted to do first!
She started by decorating these great Wooden Pirate Swords with the Self-Adhesive Acrylic Jewels.
The jewels are incredibly easy to apply, simply peel the back and stick on the sword. The jewels came in lots of different shapes, Hearts, Stars, Oval, Round and Square. Bethany said they sparkled like pirates treasure!
The swords are 28cm long and are a great idea to use with fancy dress or even at parties. RRP: £2.99 which makes them just 75p each, such a bargain.
The self adhesive acrylic jewels are £2.99 for a pack of 200 assorted shapes and colours, and were by far Bethany's favourite part of the parcel we received.
Bethany also used the Jewels to decorate the Ceramic Flower Decorations.
The flower decorations are such great quality and you can hang them up too with their strong piece of ribbon.
The ceramic flower decorations are approximately 9cm in diameter, they can be personalised and then hung up somewhere.
Such a great summery activity.
They can be decorated using pens and paints (not just the jewels).
RRP: 3.99 for a box of 5, making them just 80p each!
The seaside card shapes were great fun too, and yep you guessed it Bethany used the jewels to decorate these too. In fact I think she would have used the jewels to decorate anything, she loved them that much!
The seaside card shapes come in a pack of 10 and are made from a strong white card.
in the pack we received a flip-flop, seagull, surf board, ice cream, boat, lighthouse, shell, crab, bucket and spade, and beach hut.
Another great summery activity.
RRP: £2.25 making each card 23p. Great summer activities on a great budget.
We also received these very pretty Pearlised Acrylic Gloss Paints which I have saved for a rainy day, but the colours are so beautiful and shiny, I can't even wait to have some fun with them.
They are waterproof and quick drying (always a bonus with and inpatient child), and suitable to use on most surfaces.
RRP: £9.99 for the pack of 6.
These little toy ducks are adorable and I think they would make great party bag presents, bath toys or even for the paddling pool.
The ducks are part of the summer toys pack, which includes some great little toys which I think are all great for party bags or for summer fun in the garden.
Baker Ross have so much to offer, from Arts and Crafts to Pocket Money Toys! and they also do great themed and occasions (Christmas, Halloween, Easter) Crafts too at great prices. We will definitely be purchasing more fun activities from Baker Ross in the future.
To check out the website click here.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Baker Ross products for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. We get our arts and crafts for the kids from Baker Ross, such a great place.

    Deb Gibbon