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Monday, 7 July 2014

Our Exeter trip and Mums surprise BBQ!

So last week I had a couple of really busy days and thought I would share my busyness with you!
Tuesday we spent the day in Exeter as we were kindly invited by Build-A-Bear to go to their store and build a bear (Review coming soon).
Bethany and Aunty Kaytie at Build-A-Bear.
Bethany made a my little pony and thoroughly enjoyed it.
We thought we would combine the Build-A-Bear with birthday shopping for my mum's birthday presents, and picking up a few of the lovely free gifts I received vouchers for in my South West Blog Social goody bag.
We stopped off at The real McCoy so I could collect my vintage scarf, I picked out a gorgeous Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse scarf in a sky blue colour.

Then we went to Tony's candy store to use my 10% discount voucher. We picked up a couple of fantastic American favourites.
Next stop was Erin Cox - now I have seen a lot of pretty jewellery in my years but wow - I saw some really stunning pieces and it was all hand made by Erin Cox herself, I had a voucher for a beautiful Mini Floating Pearl Pendant.
I chose the Dove Grey Pearl.
For my mum's birthday my brother brought her a Pandora bracelet so I decided to get her a charm to go on it.
I've never been to the Pandora shop before but I could not believe how many different charms they do!
After some deliberating I decided to go for the Cow charm (My mum is a massive cow fan!).
The packaging is soooo pretty.
We stopped off at a Café called Butternut for a snack and a drink to refuel!

Bethany couldn't resist the cookies!
We did so much shopping that we were totally worn out by the time we got home!
In the evening I had my first weigh in at Slimming World group...
I was so happy that I lost 3.5lb in my first week.
I've always struggled with my weight after having Bethany and im now so determined to get back to the size 12 I was before I had her, so im really looking forward to this weeks weigh in to see how much I have lost.
Wednesday was my mums birthday and we had planned a surprise bbq for her birthday and invited her friends too.
My brother picked me up from the Vauxhall garage (my car had to have work done on it), and we headed to Torquay to buy decorations and he also wanted to buy her another Pandora charm for her bracelet.
We then headed to my Gran and Grandads to collect the stash of food they had been looking after for the party.
Finally we got back to Mums house (she had gone out for the day shopping in Streete with my Gran), unpacked all the food and started preparing.
I cooked jacket potatoes, Tuna Pasta, prepped the salad, pre cooked the chicken drumsticks and we started decorating.
 Bethany had her first ever school/nursery play in the afternoon, so I popped up to the school ( a two minute was from my mums house) to watch her sing the Hungry Caterpillar.
I felt so proud of her, she did so well and she was right at the front so I could see her the whole time which was great.

Afterwards we headed back to the house to finish the decorating.

Mum came home around 6pm just before everyone was due to arrive, she said she had an inkling something was going on but wasn't sure what.

Her friends and family started arriving shortly after and the bbq was a great success, she had a really lovely birthday.

May, June, July and August are the busiest months for our family with birthdays so close together and our anniversary!

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  1. Looks like a fun shopping trip! Love Beth's top at your mums BBQ party.

    Laura @

  2. Love the pretty necklace, hope your mum had a lovely day.