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Monday, 28 July 2014

Our Gruffalo Hunt - Haldon Forest Park

After noticing of Facebook that a few of our friends had been hunting out the Gruffalo at our local Forest we decided to go and take a look for ourselves!
Bethany loves the gruffalo so we thought it was a great opportunity for some exercise and a cheap day out.
So off we went in search of the gruffalo...
Beth decided she wanted to ride her trike the whole way round instead of walking.
The discovery trail that the gruffalo trail is laid out on is 1.5 miles long.
On the way round we came across lovely musical activities for Bethany (and Daddy) to play.
There were also lots of places to stop if you needed to on the way round.
When we got into the wooded area we discovered this...
Shortly after we discovered our first character...
It was little brown mouse!
The walk around the discovery trail was beautiful and also had stunning views.
So we carried on along the trail and next we came too...
Bethany really enjoyed looking at the great signs laid about on the trail.
So we carried on walking/triking along and stumbled upon...
Owl was hidden in the trees and we very nearly missed him!
Next was..
Snake, Bethany had decided by this time she wanted her photo taken with the characters!
Nearing the end of the trail we discovered a creature who has terrible tusks, and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws..
The Gruffalo himself!
There was also a fantastic wooden carving of The Gruffalo, Bethany was a little unsure of him and first as he was very big and tall, but eventually she decided she would go over to him!
We had so much fun doing the gruffalo trail and its great exercise for the little ones too.
I believe that The Forestry Commission are doing this at several locations across England so why not check out your local Forestry Commission to see if there's a gruffalo trail near by you!
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