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Saturday, 26 July 2014

They say it comes in three's!

This week has really not gone well for me!
Monday I got a phone call from work to say my 3 month probation period was up and that they needed someone to work full time (I work part time) in the job position, as I cannot work full time they would have to let me go!

So now I'm left with no job, but on the upside I guess I get to spend more time with Bethany in the summer holidays and I get to spend more time on the blog.
Wednesday I was driving back from the doctors after Bethany's asthma check, and the car broke! By broke I mean it started misfiring and lost all power. I managed to nurse it home. Called the garage as its still under warranty and they cannot get it looked at until Monday!

So until Monday (at least) I am car less! I suppose this encourages me to use my legs more.
Then Thursday comes along and the Television dies! its really not my week at all!
The only thing that's kept me from eating like a horse (stress eating) is this little bad boy I got on Tuesday.
I've struggled with my weight since I had Bethany and I finally found Slimming World. I am really enjoying the food and new recipes I find too.
Feeling so determined now to lose this weight and get back to my size 12 I was before I had Beth.
I know most people say they want to be a size 10 but I will be more than happy to be a size 12.

I hope everyone else has had a better week than me!

They say in comes in three's so I am hoping this is then end of the bad luck for me for a while!

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  1. Oh no!!! Hopefully thats your 3 over and done with....time for some good luck!!! *sprinkles good luck dust on Chloe*

    Thanks for linking up with #SundayBest!