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Friday, 22 August 2014

Jam Duals - Making Blackberry and Vanilla Jam & Persil Stain Removal!

We were recently sent some fantastic jam making products by Persil.
Bethany loves Jam! She has it on her toast in the morning and in her sandwiches at lunchtime....Everyday!!
We were sent four Jam dual recipes by Kimberly Wilson (from The Great British Bake Off) to choose from.
We went for the Blackberry and Vanilla Recipe.
I have never made Jam so this was a new experience for me! So......I put on my Persil apron and got to work (I say work, I had a whale of a time).
 For the Jam I needed:
300g Of Tart Blackberries.
300g Of Granulated Sugar
1tsp Vanilla Bean Paste (however I used Vanilla Essence)
1 Vanilla Pod
First I measured out all the ingredients.
Then I put the Blackberries in a pan with the sugar, on a low heat I stirred gently until all the sugar had dissolved.
Once the sugar had dissolved I turned up the heat and let it boil until the thermometer got to 106c.
Once the thermometer read 106c I removed the pan from the heat and allowed to cool for a few minutes before stirring in the Vanilla Essence.
Then I cut the Vanilla Pod in half so it would fit comfortably in the Jar at the end.
Next I ladled the Jam mixture into the jar, pressed the Vanilla Pod into the centre of the Jam to infuse, and sealed the jar.
After the Jam has cooled in the jar its recommended that it is stored in a cool dry place for a month before use.
I had so much fun making Jam and it has made me think about maybe making my own Jam more in the future (as we use so much of it).
Unfortunately I haven't been able to test out the Jam yet but I did have a sneaky taste while it was cooling and it was incredibly yummy and smelt amazing.
While I was making the Blackberry and Vanilla Jam I did end up with a few stains on my apron thanks to the spitting from the boiling process.
I stuck my apron in the wash using these bad boys for the first time ever!
These Dual Action capsules are brand new from Persil and are deep cleaning and remove stains easily.
Simply place a capsule in the washing machine, then place your washing in, and press the start button!
These capsules have stain removing microgranules as well as the boosted liquid which penetrates and attacks stains.
With having a little person in my house that loves to make a mess at any opportunity these are fantastic.
My apron came out of the washing machine brand shiny new (like I hadn't even used it before).
The new Dual Action Capsules are available in 17 (RRP: £8.32) and 28 (RRP: £9.99) wash packs, and available in Non-Bio.
To find out more please visit Persil.
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Disclaimer: We were sent the Persil kit for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Lovely post. I need to make jam
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