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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Our week of weary weather!

Over the last week the weather here in Devon hasn't been particularly nice!
So we've had to find things for Beth to do indoors to keep her occupied (as she gets bored easy!).
We thought we would share some of the lovely things we have been up to with you all.
We made some Peppa Pig Chocolate Cookies, which didn't last very long!

We love to bake in our house so I always make sure we have a packet of something that is quick and easy for Beth to do.
I normally bake from scratch myself when I do things!
Bethany also made a special Birthday card for Nanny this week (while dressed as Repunzel).

Bethany loves to do Arts and Crafts, we have a small chest of drawers full of bits!
We also had some fun as a family making this fantastic Qpootle5 Puzzle.

We are massive puzzle fans in this house.
Bethany loves Qpootle5 so this was a fantastic choice for her (review coming soon).
Yesterday we went swimming with my parents and little brother to our local wave pool.
Bethany loves swimming, when she was younger we weren't able to go much as she had bad eczema, and she regularly had chest infections so we couldn't let her sit in water for long!
Fingers crossed she seems to have slowly grown out of the eczema and chest infections come and go but not as frequent as before!
Bethany had fun jumping over the waves and she even tried to put her head under the water (just like Grandad).
The weather here again today isn't very nice so were off out to visit a friend and the little ones can play together.
What do you do to keep your little ones occupied when the weather isn't in your favour?
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  1. Looks like you have been having some fun :)