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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ella's Kitchen - #StandUpForGoodSnacks

Ella's Kitchen have recently turned Hyde Parks iconic Speakers’ Corner into the first ever ‘Little’ Speakers’ Corner.
Equipped with megaphones, flags and placards, Ella’s Kitchen has been encouraging little ones to stand on their toy boxes (instead of soap boxes) and engage in a series of tiny toddler debates; shouting about what really matters to them at the iconic debating spot.  
 talkative toddlers will have been voicing their opinions on everything from sibling rivalry quibbles, to their favourite lunch time nibbles.
A tiny toddler-friendly version of the iconic Hyde Park debating spot, Little Speakers’ Corner has been launched by Ella’s Kitchen to give passionate little ones the chance to be heard. By letting them take over Hyde Park’s Speakers’ Corner, Ella’s Kitchen has been inspiring toddlers to stand up for good snacks and say a big NO in protest to unhealthy, bad nibbles.
Children’s TV presenter Jen Pringle from Milkshake was on hand to excite our little revolutionaries to stomp around with mini protest placards, wave their revolutionary flags, and speak out loud on tiny megaphones to demand attention in Hyde Park.
We thought we would share the Ella's Kitchen Little Speakers' corner video with you.
Bethany loves to snack, we have always tried to encourage her to snack healthy but she has never really been into the Carrot & Cucumber sticks, she isn't a massive Vegetable fan and she only eats a few fruits.
When she was younger she ate far more fruit and veg than she does now, its just turned into a struggle! We have to hide small pieces of Vegetable in her dinners.
Ella's kitchen have just launched their new range of toddlers snacks and we cannot wait to try these.
If it doesn't look like a fruit or Vegetable Beth will eat it, so I've been trying to cut out different shapes in her strawberries and apple!
Does your little one enjoy their fruit and veg?
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