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Monday, 1 September 2014

September Already?!

Where has this year gone?
I cannot believe its September already!!
So this week the kids are back to school!

This was Bethany's first school holidays, and its gone so quick.
I feel like we haven't been able to fit all the things in that we wanted to do!
At least the weather has been on our side for the most part!
Last week I started thinking about Bethany going back to nursery and buying new uniform, shoes, pack lunch box! Checking out things to put in her pack lunch this term......The usual school things!

Thought I would share a couple of things we will be using this term...
We tried out this yummy Daioni Welsh Organic Semi-Skimmed Milkshakes for Bethany's pack lunch.
They were a total hit, Bethany loves them and we will definitely be purchasing them this term for her lunch box.
These great cartons of Milk are a great calcium source for little ones, they come in 200ml cartons.
They are low in fat, sugar and free from all artificial colouring and come in 3 delicious flavours, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.
Beth's favourite was the Banana flavour!
These fantastic little cartons of greatness are available at Ocado for just 79p.
I have never really thought about labelling Bethany's clothes for school, I used to just write her name on the tag (which always washed out when it went in the washing machine!).
We were recently asked to try out these fantastic labels from My Nametags.
I am never going back to writing on tags ever again!
These are fantastic, you can design the whole tag yourself, they stay on even when the clothes are washed!
(Review coming soon).
So that's school sorted (for now).
Halloween is now only a month away!!
We had some fun making some Halloween decorations yesterday (nothing like being prepared!).
Over the next month we will be sharing lots of fun Halloween Arts & Crafts with you so keep an eye out for them.
After Halloween is....that dreaded word (for some people)......Christmas!!!
I have already purchased my first Christmas present! I always start early as I find its easier to spread over the months, rather than shopping in one go!
Have you started your Christmas shopping early this year?
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  1. I always start my Christmas shopping early, its the only way I can afford it! Barbi Jane x

  2. Mid September is the start of Xmas shopping for me!
    Great post the milkshake looks good!

    Laura @

  3. Love this Halloween craft, really cute. Oh yes christmas preparation underway in our house too! #sundaybest