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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Silk Bedding Direct - Asthma UK

I was recently contacted by the lovely Andrew at Silk Bedding Direct, and asked I would like to review one of their Mulberry Silk filled Duvets for Bethany.

Silk Bedding Direct is the result of a labour of love by its founding and current director Andrew Clarke.

Andrew is an Englishman who has spent over a decade as a director / CEO of companies based mainly in China.

When it came to establishing another company Andrew asked himself the question,

“what is the very best product China has to offer that the rest of the world knows little about and would love if they knew about it?”

The answer was quick and definite – Silk-Filled Duvets
Whilst living, working and travelling in China, Andrew and his wife discovered the secret of Zhejiang province.  They already knew that most of the very best silk in the world comes from Zhejiang.  What they found out is that filling duvets with high quality Mulberry silk is a far superior alternative to down feathers or wool.

Silk-filled duvets “breathe”, allowing excess moisture and heat to escape if you become too warm in bed, but regulates temperature to keep you snug if conditions get colder.  Unlike other bedding they are totally clean – dust mites and other microscopic life cannot live in silk, they are hypoallergenic, delay skin aging and nourish your hair.  They also offer a luxurious soothing comfort not provided by other bedding.
Silk Bedding Direct have teamed up with Asthma UK to bring Asthma sufferers a Duvet that can help lessen Asthma symptoms.
Because the Duvet's are filled with 100% pure and natural mulberry silk, bed bugs, Dust mites and other microscopic life cannot live in them. Bed bugs and their droppings are a common trigger for Asthma.
Bethany and I suffer with Asthma (Bethany more so). We were really excited to try out the Mulberry Silk Duvet when it arrived.
The Duvet arrived in a lovely little carry case and was nicely packed and presented.
We received a single summer duvet which is perfect for the different weather we seem to currently be experiencing here!
The casing on the Duvet is a deluxe 300 Thread Count Fine Cotton Sateen, and of course the interior is 100% Natural High Grade Long Strand Mulberry Silk.
When I took the Duvet out of its packaging I took a peek inside.
This is a picture of the Mulberry Silk inside the Duvet, it was incredibly soft to touch and the Duvet was filled to the brim with it.
Bethany couldn't wait to get it on her bed and test it out so we made her bed and in she got!
I must say since Bethany has started using the Duvet she has actually been sleeping better which I wasn't expecting! She loves the Duvet, its lovely and light weight.
I always worry about Beth's Asthma (as most parents would), when she really suffers with it, its always worse at night. So now having the Single Silk filled duvet, any nasty's that may have been hiding in her duvet will no longer have the chance to!
For every duvet purchased from a UK customer 10% goes to Asthma UK.
Prices start at £75.00 and the size range is from Cot Bed to Super Kingsize.
There are many benefits of using a duvet filled with 100% mulberry silk as listed here - which do you think is the most important one?
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Disclaimer: We were sent the Mulberry Silk Duvet for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I have 3 eczema and asthma sufferers in this house, so this sounds really interesting. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I have asthma too, and always carry an inhaler with me.

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