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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

#Sofiasmicroworld - Join us for our Sofia The First Micro Twitter Party!

On Thursday the 18th September we will be hosting our Sofia the First Micro Twitter Party between 4pm & 6pm. You can join in the fun by Simply following the hashtag #SofiasMicroWorld on the 18th where you can also win your little Sofia the First fans some lovely gifts.
So yesterday we wrote all the party invites for Bethany's friends to come to our very own Sofia the First Micro Party in our home.
And today I have sorted all the lovely gifts the girls will be getting at the party.
They will all receive a Sofia the First Poster and magazine, as well as a Sofia the First Micro toy.
In their party bag they will receive a Sofia the First ready to be a princess DVD, and some yummy treats.

We have some very exciting games planned at the party including, pass the parcel, a treasure hunt, decorating our own tiara's, and making micro cakes.
I think I am secretly just as excited as Bethany is!
We will be sharing all the exciting action with you from our party in a post right here on the blog after the party.
We will also be posting a review on some of the great Sofia the First Micro toys we have received in the next few days, so be sure to keep an eye out.
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