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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Summer Hairstyles for Girls to Avoid Lice!

Cute Summer Hairstyles to Avoid Lice

Having long hair in the summer can be such a bother sometimes. Instead of being able to just wake up and go, you have to spend time fixing it, and also have to use heat to style it, taking more time and energy. It can be even harder if you have young girls with long hair in the summer, with head lice also being a big threat with those with heavy hair. If your daughter’s hair is anything like mine was, summer was the ultimate breeding ground for lice, making life for my mum really hard!

There are plenty of cute hairstyles for summer that you can use to prevent head lice in your children over the summer. The nape of the neck and behind the ears are two of the most common places that lice begin to spread, so if you hide hair from here, you’re onto a winning hairstyle. Girls are also more likely than boys to catch lice due to the length of hair, so by giving them fun hairstyles, it’s more than a little helpful in avoiding lice.

Tying up hair is the easiest thing to do as crawling via direct head-to-head contacts is the only way lice spread[i]. If hair is kept out of the way, it’s less likely that lice will crawl over during playdates and sleepovers. The sleek back ponytail is the obvious choice. Gather up all your daughter’s hair, including from the front, and tie it back simply with a single hair tie. Not only does this keep hair out of your daughter’s face, making playing outside so much easier, but it also helps to stop lice from crawling up to the scalp. You can also make the plain ponytail more fun by wrapping a strand of hair around the hair tie or by adding fun hair accessories.

The bun is, in my opinion, the go-to style to avoid lice. If your child has shown any interest in ballet, you’ll have perfected this hairstyle by now. It’s a chic look that not only has hair completely out of the way, but also keeps your daughter looking sophisticated throughout the day. You can also have different variations on the bun, from the sock bun to a more casual bun. The reason this is effective is because hair is completely tucked away, making it really difficult for lice to latch and move around on. 

Braids are a good option too. They really help in making hair inaccessible for lice and they can look really cute on your younger daughters. Everything from the standard everyday side braid to the more complicated – yet fun – French or fishtail braid look great, but also make it less likely for hair to break out in an infestation. In fact, the tighter the braid, the less accessible hair is to lice as very little hair is ‘on display’ and loose ends are hidden. It might even be worth cutting your child’s hair into a shorter hairstyle too to make it more manageable. Shaving the whole head might be a little extreme for younger girls who pride themselves on their hair, but there are advantages to shorter hair – treatment is a lot more manageable and there’s also less hair for head-to-head contact.

It is important to remember that these preventative methods don't guarantee that you will never get lice, but by trying some of these hairstyles, regularly checking your child’s hair with a nit comb and letting them know how important it is not to share the likes of combs, hair ties or hats, you should be able to tackle lice much better, making life a lot easier for you and your children.

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