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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Baby Annabell Learn to Walk - Review

We were recently sent Baby Annabell Learn to Walk by Zapf Creation.

Baby Annabell is taking her first steps and learning how to walk! With your help, this adorable doll can crawl along the floor, sit up and even walk along whilst holding your hands. She also comes in a pretty outfit, including a romper suit and matching beanie hat.
Bethany loves nothing more that playing with her dolls, she loves pretending to look after them.
Baby Annabell can crawl, sit up and hold your child's hands whilst she walks.


In order to perform these actions you first need to ensure that Baby Annabell is positioned correctly. For example, in order to crawl Baby Annabell needs to be placed in the crawling position on the floor and ensured that her head is lifted up. After a short pause the mechanism inside will make her start to move.
Baby Annabell also makes noises, babbling when she walks or having a tantrum when she's sat down too long. In order for her to start crying, your child will have to sit her on her bottom, with her legs straight and arms by her sides. After about half a minute she will stop crying and fall to sleep.
To help Baby Annabell learn to walk your child will have to straighten her legs, stretch up her arms and gently hold her hands. It took Bethany a few attempts to get her to walk but it did happen.
Bethany loves Baby Annabell, she has so much fun playing with her. Baby Annabell's clothes can be removed for changing "stinky nappies", and they are easy for a 3 year old to put back on too (with a teeny bit of help).

The only small issue we had, was that Baby Annabell Learn to Walk doesn't come with her own batteries, so I had to pop out and buy some, but they are only 3 AA batteries so they are not expensive ones!
Baby Annabell Learn to Walk is recommended for age 3 plus, and can be purchased on Amazon, from Tesco and other stores RRP: £49.99.
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Disclaimer: We were sent Baby Annabell Learn to Walk for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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