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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Panda Soft Drinks Review!

I always remember as a child going to the local shop with my mum and picking up a fizzy Panda Pop! And at the school disco getting a Panda Pop at the tuck shop after all that dancing, these really do bring back great childhood memories.
When we were asked if we would like to try the new Panda Drinks, I was really excited for Bethany to share a little bit from my childhood memories.
Panda are now doing the fantastic Panda Splash and Panda Still Drinks.
Panda Splash comes in two different flavours - Blackcurrant and Orange and Pineapple. The Panda Splash have no added sugar and are just 3kcals per serving.
Panda Still Drinks also come in two different flavours - Blackcurrant and Raspberry. They are only 5kcals per serving and have natural flavours and colouring and are also suitable for vegetarians.
Both types of Panda Drinks come in 250ml sports cap bottles, and are available in packs of six for £1.99.
Bethany took these in her pack lunch box to Nursery, she said she loved them and I think they are a perfect idea for lunch boxes.
I did keep the Raspberry flavour for myself to try out (I had to try at least one), it was really nice and refreshing, and packed full of flavour!
I love the fact they have no added sugar as I always find that's a worry with bottled drinks nowadays!
Bethany will be continuing to have these in her lunch box for school, we have found them in Asda and Tesco now.
You can find Panda Drinks on Twitter - @Panda_Drinks

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Panda Drinks for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I remember having the blue one as a child, I think it was cola flavoured but neon blue in colour.

  2. Great-makes a change from fruit shoots!!

    Laura @