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Friday, 24 October 2014

Stur Drinks - Review!

We recently received this exciting box of liquid water enhancers from Stur.
Stur was created by Neel Premkumar for his wife when she was pregnant as a healthy way of staying hydrated.
"STUR" stands for "Savor The Ultimate Reason."
I was very excited to try these out, and thought they would fit in perfectly with on my Slimming World journey.
Stur comes in six different flavours using natural fruit juices and extracts: Orange Mango, Blackcurrant Apple, Green Apple, Cranberry Pomegranate, Real Brewed Tea & Peach and Real Brewed Tea & Lemon.

My favourite was Real Brewed Tea & Lemon, I found it incredibly refreshing and tasty.
Stur has lots of benefits - Zero Sugar - Zero Fat - Zero Calories - All Natural Flavours - High in Vitamin C and lightly sweetened with stevia extract (instead of Aspartame).

It maybe possible to get 30 drinks from a 200ml bottle for some people, but for me I needed an extra squirt, I like my flavours a little stronger than some.
Bethany has been drinking the Blackcurrant Apple flavour and she really likes it, which i'm glad about as they are so much better for her than the normal squash that we buy now a days.
 Stur can also jazz up smoothies, desserts, sorbets... the list is definitely endless.
This whole box is enough to make 180 drinks and worth £90 compared to regular canned or bottles soft drinks! The bottles are a really handy size to pop in your bag to carry around with you, or older children to take to school with them.
Overall we definitely enjoyed Stur, however having to shop on a budget each month £19.99 may be a little too much for me to pay for a water enhancer, it has been a really difficult decision due to them having so many health benefits, but its back to the usual squash for us.
If your into your fitness or dieting then these may be perfect for you, why not pop over to their website and read more about the great health benefits.

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Disclaimer: We were sent STUR for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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