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Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Mini Hornit!

The Mini Hornit is the worlds only kid's cycle light and sound effects horn.
Bethany was so excited when we received the fantastic Mini Hornit's! 
We rushed straight off for a walk around the local Park and Lake with Bethany on her Trike to try out the Mini Hornit!
Bethany thought that the Pink and Purple Hornit went best with her Pink and Purple Trike, so we attached it (which was incredibly easy) to her Trike using the wings to wrap around the handle bars, and then the remote trigger just clips on.
The Mini Trigger is really handy, as it means if you place in near the hand on the handle bars you don't have to take your hands off to use it.
The Mini Hornit has some awesome features - It has 25 different sound effects, sounds include - Bike Bell, Hooter, Dixie Horn, Racing Cars, Motorbike, Car Crash, Helicopter, Airplane, Police Car, Zapper, Laser, Bomb Dropping, Burp, Fart, UFO, Lion, Ole Trumpet, Cycle Race Klaxon, Horse, Rooster, Magic Spell, Magic Carpet, Elephant, Fire Engine and an Angry Hornet!
It also has 12 Lumen Lights which makes the rider more visible. The Lumen Lights have 2 colours, Green and White, and different modes.
The Mini Hornit comes in 4 different colours, Pink & Purple, Black & Yellow, Blue & Yellow and Red & Blue.
 Beth had just as much fun playing with the Mini Hornit as home, luckily there are two volume settings as it can get really loud after a little while!
Even Ben had fun with it and he's 33 years old!
The Mini Hornit is universal fitting so can be used on any bike/scooter/trike.
We have all had a lot of enjoyment and practicality out of the Mini Hornit and will continue to do so.
RRP: £19.99
Mini Hornit have a great little Video that shows some of the great features it has.

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Disclaimer: We were sent The Mini Hornit for free, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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