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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Smiggle Advent Calendar

Now it's really starting to feel like Christmas, were into December, the decorations are up and the advent calendars are being opened.
Bethany was so excited when we received this big triangle advent calendar in the post from Smiggle.
Inside the 25 different shaped doors are children's stationary items, I am a massive stationary fan, so Bethany and I have decided to share the calendar (even if it is Children's stationary)!

I think this makes a fab and fun alternative to a Chocolate advent calendar.
So here we go...
 Day 1 - we received a puzzle rubber.

This was fun to take apart and put back together again, and a funky addition to any pencil case!
Day 2 - We received a lovely Purple Gel Pen.
Bethany was very pleased with this as Purple is her favourite colour.
Day 3 - Behind door No.3 was a bouncy ball.
Beth has had loads of fun with the bouncy ball.
Day 4 - We received a Wrist Snap Band!
This went down an absolute storm, Bethany has had one of these before and they can be wrapped around lots of things, the list is endless (so I found out)!
Day 5 - Behind door 5 was a yellow crayon.
fantastic for colouring in those festive colouring books!
Day 6 & 7 -  Behind both these doors were a pair or rubber dice.
Day 8 - Was a small push up pencil.
I remember having these for school as a kid!
Day 9 - Behind door number 9, an Orange highlighter.
I will be updating this post everyday to show the exciting stationary items we receive when we open the doors daily on our Smiggle advent calendar.
Day 10 - Today we received this awesome looking Rubber.
It reminds me of one of those yummy twisted marshmallows.
Day 11 - We opened door number 11 to reveal a letter ruler!
Bethany has already started using this with her drawings!
Day 12 - We got a Blue Spiral Keyring!
Day 13 - Today we received a Red Push Up Pencil to go with our Blue one.
Day 14 - Behind door number 14 was a Spy Pen!
I used to love these as a child! You can write on white paper and no one can see it until you shine the UV light! Great fun!
Day 15 - We received a Green colouring pencil.

Day 16 - Behind door number 16 was push up colouring pencil with lots of different colours.
Day 17 - Today we received a Mini Smiggle Slinky!
Bethany's has been having lots of fun playing with the Slinky.
Day 18 - Today we received a Orange Gel Pen.
Day 19 - Behind door 19 was this really fun stamper.
Bethany had lots of fun stamping Bee's, ladybirds, Butterflies and Dragonflies!
Day 20 - We received a rainbow crayon!
Bethany enjoyed making rainbow drawings with this lovely crayon.
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Disclaimer: We were sent the Smiggle advent calendar for the purpose of the review, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Such a cool Advent calender, I wish I'd had this as a kid :)