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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Bethany's first trip to the cinema!

Bethany is nearly 4 years old now, so we thought maybe she was old enough to take a trip to the cinema!
Ben and I are massive cinema fans so we were excited to go as a family.
We went onto our local cinema's website and watched a few trailers of children's films that are in the cinema at the moment, Bethany decided she wanted to see Paddington!
When we got to the cinema the queue was huge (wish I had booked our tickets in advance online)!
We eventually got in, paid for our tickets, purchased our popcorn and drinks and headed into the cinema to take our seats.
We asked for seats at the back and on the end of an aisle just to be on the safe side, and so we didn't interrupt anyone if Bethany needed to go to the toilet or we had to leave!
So the movie started and Bethany was glued while eating her popcorn.
Beth had to sit on Daddy as the seats were pretty low and she couldn't see over the chair in front.
It was safe to say that the cinema trip was a huge success, Bethany only had to leave once to go to the toilet, and she only asked once if she could "go home now".
The film was amazing, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, It was incredibly funny (even had Bethany in stitches)!
Once we got back to the car Bethany asked if we could go to the cinema again, i'm really pleased she enjoyed it, and I am glad that its something we can now add to the list of activities to do, especially when the weather isn't very good.

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  1. Aww! That's fantastic! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time x

  2. Thanks Kim, we really did have a great time :) x