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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

December Degustabox Review & Discount Code!

So here we are again reviewing another fantastic Degustabox.
I love sharing what we receive in our Degustabox with everyone, I get so excited when they arrive wondering what will be in it this month!
December's Degustabox again was no disappointment, we receive some yummy treats and new things to try out.
Fab little Festive touch to the box.
So here we go, what we received for the month of December and what we thought...
These barbeque flavoured potato chips are baked as opposed to fried which makes them a lot healthier than standard crisps, also less than 100 calories in each serving too (providing you don't count one serving as the whole bag)! They are very tasty and you can really taste the flavour too, in some low calorie crisps I have had before they have been a bit bland! These are lovely - £1.79
I love the stylish jar this yummy marmalade is in! The Bonnee Maman Marmalade is a really well known brand but slightly on the expensive side, it was a real treat to get this in our box. Marmalade is the ONLY sweet this I eat on toast so I really did enjoy this - £2.30

I always use Frylight its amazing stuff, and such low calorie its great for dieters! I had heard that they had bought out flavoured oil but was yet to try it until now. This chilli flavoured Frylight oil is great sprayed on Mushrooms or Homemade chips £2.00
These have to be my favourite from the box this month, especially the caramel flavour!
We have only discovered Bahlsen biscuits since receiving our Degustaboxes and they are now a massive favourite in our house now, the chocolate is always so creamy and smooth, you cannot go wrong with a pack of these! - £3.58

As I have said before I am a huge huge fan of Kents Kitchen products, and YES we received another one this month, Brazilian Moqueca Capixaba (a fish type stew). We are yet to try this meal kit out, but if its anything like the last one it will be amazing! - £2.50

Pukka Clean Green Tea, help this really helps detox. each tea bag contain a blend of Sicillian lemons and the freshness of dandelion roots, this is definitely a great healthy tea - £2.39

 These cute little cans can be used alone but are also designed specifically for mixers, each for a specific spirit drink. They are sugar free. Ben enjoyed these but says they taste better with an alcoholic beverage than by themselves! - £1.50 per can.
Chia seeds are a well known super food. This little sachet of oats and chia just needs water adding to it to deliver a creamy porridge like bowl of goodness, but without the dairy products. The sachet with chia seeds offers omega 3, fibre, protein as well as being packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a lot of goodness in one little sachet. - £1.70

This is something I will enjoy- A bottle of Alcoholic free Eisberg wine. I'm not a massive drinker and to be honest I just prefer not to drink (it affects my anxiety).  It is the perfect alternative for anyone else who cant drink - £3.49

Degustabox can be yours for just £12.99 a month including delivery, and you can buy for yourself or as a gift for someone!


I also have a Discount code you can use to get £3.00 off your first Degustabox, just enter this code "1VKSC".
For more details;
Degustabox website:

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Disclaimer: We were sent The Degustabox for the purpose of the review, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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