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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The start of our Half Term fun!

I always struggle with idea's to keep Bethany occupied when its Half Term! She loves to be on the go and doing things all the time.
I wanted to share with you a few things we have done already this Half Term.
Monday is always my food shop day, Bethany isn't a fan of food shopping, so to make it more appealing we went for Breakfast in the store café before we went shopping, this made it more of an adventure and an outing of her.
In the afternoon we headed into town to take a look around the shops, there were a couple of fair rides in town and Bethany asked if she could go on them, I think these are great and Bethany really loved the ride.
On Monday night I was frantically searching the internet trying to find something we could do the next day. I came across one of our local Cinema's website and found they did a Kids AM club which looked really cool, they basically show a newish film in the morning at a very low price. We managed to get a bargain and for £2 each we were booked in to go and see Penguins of Madagascar.
So off we went in the morning to the Cinema. The film was fab, Bethany really enjoyed it. This was only her second time to the Cinema, so about 20 minutes before the film finished she did ask to leave a couple of times, but we managed to stay till the end and watch the whole film.
Engrossed in the film!
Next to the Cinema is a big park area and the Beach so when the film finished Bethany had fun playing in the park for a while before we headed off for a walk along the beach.
The Sun was out and it was a really nice day.

I don't usually go to the beach in the Winter as I always think its too cold, but it was surprisingly warm, I will definitely be going to the beach more often in the Winter from now on.

The views were amazing, it was a very clear day to see everything around the bay.
A trip to the beach would not be complete without a yummy ice cream!
Today were off Swimming at our local Wave pool with some of Bethany's friends from Nursery which will be really nice, she is super excited.
Were then off to another local beach tomorrow to collect shells to make some pictures with.
We will be sharing our next few days of fun on the blog soon so keep an eye out.
Hope you are all having a lovely Half Term too.

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  1. £2 each at the cinema is a bargain! I have to start driving to Paignton!!

    Laura @