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Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Frozen Elsa Magic Snow Sleeve Review

Bethany absolutely loves anything to do with Frozen, she has lots of merchandise including the Duvet Set, DVD, CD, Doll's, Back Pack, Cardboard Castle, Clothes, but now we have something new and very exciting to add to the collection..... The Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve from Flair Plc. Bethany was also sent a lovely Elsa outfit by Rubies fancy dress to help out with the review.

When the Elsa outfit arrived she couldn't wait to put it on. Bethany was heading to a Frozen Themed party that day so we agreed she could wear it.

We found the outfit from Rubies fancy dress was very well made and not too thin like some materials and dress up outfits can be. It is very pretty and the perfect size for Bethany (we picked 5-6 years). The dress also came with a removable cape which is handy for when you have to wash the dress or when your little one wants to take it off like in the movie when Elsa sings "Let It Go".
Bethany was also really excited about trying out the magic snow sleeve, so the next day we took it out of its box and gave it a go.
The Magic Snow Sleeve is made up of a small blue sleeve which matches the gorgeous Elsa dress, the snow spray unit which is made from tough plastic, a water bottle sprayer and a can of snow spray, the great thing about this as you don't need any batteries!
The instruction sheet comes with steps on how to fit the snow bracelet, it was pretty simple to put together.
The bracelet is simply strapped around the wrist, then sealed with a snow clasp. The spray bottles go underneath and another attachment goes over the hand (this is the lever to spray). The snow spray and water bottle are for separate use but both attach exactly the same way.
I really like the fact that you have two options and don't always have to buy the spray cans, as with some things they always want you to keep on purchasing a special product to use which can end up costing a fortune, at least with the snow sleeve you can use the water and buy the snow canister on occasion.
The Magic Snow Sleeve is for outside use only.
So off we went into the garden with a very eager Bethany and her snow sleeve!

It was great fun, we managed to get it wrapped around the washing line and all sorts haha. The snow shoots pretty far, its really funny to watch. It didn't take Bethany long to work it out which was great.
The snow looks and smells like silly string we had when we were younger. It's foamy string which dries very quickly, its not sticky and seems safe enough. although a couple of times Bethany did try to look at it and I had to tell her to point it away from her face!
We will be using the water canister more as soon as it gets a little warmer.
Here is our little Video we made to show you what the Frozen Magic Snow Sleeve does.
The Elsa snow sleeve is aimed at children age 5 plus. Bethany is only 4 years old but she managed to work out how to use it and was very careful when spraying the canister, I think with adult supervision this was a fair age.
The Frozen Elsa Magic Snow Sleeve costs £29.99 (snow sleeve only, dress is sold separately). I think being “Frozen” branded adds to the cost of it, however all Frozen stuff is fairly pricy so it fits in with the price of Frozen products fairly well.
We will be trying to purchase more snow string from somewhere as soon as our can has run out.
Bethany thoroughly enjoyed it, and is definitely something that i'm sure will be used more in the summer when the weather is warmer and we can spend more time in the garden.
Don't forget to keep an eye out for the new short “Frozen Fever” film which is out from March 27th, Bethany is already really excited about this.
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Disclaimer: We were sent The Frozen Elsa Magic Snow Sleeve for the purpose of the review, but have received no other form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. The magical snow sleeve looks amazing! Love the video of her playing with it bless her xx

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