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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Importance of Some "Me Time"

Lots of us look forward to getting home from work after a long day, closing the door behind us and sitting down on the sofa to watch some rubbish telly and to generally switch off from everything else that’s going on outside our own four walls.
We’ve got enough stresses going on in our own lives, trying to ensure that everyone has everything they need and that the bills are paid on time each month - we certainly don’t need to be taking our work home with us meaning it’s vital that we get some “me time” each night.

Some people choose to just watch telly with their partner or to take the dog for a walk - others even choose to do housework as a form of relaxation (each to their own!) Personally, I prefer some of these ideas:

Going to the Gym
This doesn’t really follow the definition of relaxing, but it’s a great way of getting rid of that anxiety and tension, building up a sweat and forgetting about the tough day you’ve just had - you can even take out the anger you have towards a useless colleague or frustrating boss on those weights or on the spinning bike, whatever takes your fancy.

Best of all, you feel good about yourself afterwards having burned off some calories and done something healthy which helps you to relax, it’s a real win-win.

Another thing that divides opinion, cooking is something a lot of us love and actually look forward to when we start to watch the clock in the afternoons. Whipping up a meal for the family isn’t always easy with so many mouths to feed and different preferences, but putting the effort into a meal and tasting the amazing end results can make it all worthwhile. A lot of the very best and most satisfying meals don’t even take that long to prepare which means you can leave it boiling away or in the oven cooking while you get on with something else, or put your feet up for a few minutes.

Playing Online Bingo
If like me, you’re addicted to your tablet or smartphone then you’re probably aware of the numerous games out there that you can download to play. You can also play games on the Internet and online bingo is one of the most popular right now. There are different online bingo comparison websites out there which list the best sites and tell you where the biggest rewards are which is really helpful and you can even play with friends. Get the girls round with their laptops or tablets and you can replicate the bingo hall with some drinks and snacks as you all try and win.

Bathtime isn’t just for the kids remember! Most of us spend so much time trying to get the kids bathed and into their pyjamas and ready for bed that we forget just how beneficial a nice hot bubble bath can be for us. Personally, I like putting my iPod on while I’m in the bath to really help me relax.
What helps you relax?

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  1. Online Bingo rules, I simply cant get enough of it!!

    Laura x