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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Proper Pops - Review!

We were recently sent some Proper Pops to try out. I've never heard of Proper Pops before so thought why not lets give them a go.
Proper Pops are not made from potato and are Gluten and Lactose free and low in fat and sugar, as well as being low in Calories, They are Vegetarian, 100% natural and crammed with Calcium and have a slow releasing protein derived from milk to help you to keep going throughout the day. These savoury treats are popped, not fried, and packed with protein and fibre.
I was really surprised how many you get in a pot for how low in calories they happen to be. They are packed full of flavour as well. We tried the Lime, Lemongrass and Garlic flavour and the Lemon and Chilli flavour, I have to say the Lime and Chilli flavour was my favourite, the Chilli was pretty fiery which I liked. I wasn't so keen on the Lemongrass in the other pot.
I think they are a great alternative to crisps, as the flavours are a little unusual Bethany didn't like them, so not sure they would be a great alternative to crisps for little ones, but definitely a great alternative for adults.
I love the little facts on the front of the pots telling you how many times better they are for you than other foods like beans, kale and broccoli.
Proper Pops keep you fuller for longer.
Available to buy at Sainsbury's, or why not check out their website.
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