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Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Name Tag Clothing Labels - Review!

We recently ordered some label from my nametags so i could label all of Bethany's school clothes, shoes, lunch box and water bottles!

I have always thought it is important to make sure that Bethany's uniform and belongings have her name on them. I know from my own experience of school how easy things can go missing (or put down and left)!

We went on to The Nametags website, where in three easy steps we created our own fantastic labels.

The first step was to type in the nametags text into the three boxes available.
The second step was to pick a design, background, font and font colour.
The third step was to choose the type of name tag we would like, there we two options, 56 colour stickers or 56 colour iron-on!

Once we were happy with the design its a simple click to add to shopping basket and then checkout, incredibly quick and easy.

One sheet of 56 stickers is just £11.95.

The design we picked had a beautiful Butterfly on (Bethany is loves Butterflies). We chose the very girly pink heart background, and Purple (Beth's favourite colour) colour script font.

I decided not to put which class Bethany is in as her school is only small, and it means any left over I could also use for next year.

With 56 labels on a sheet you really can't go wrong.

These fantastic labels also stay on when your child's clothing is washed again and again, They are also dishwasher-proof and microwave safe.

Bethany loved showing her friends her new name labels on everything when she went to school!

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Disclaimer: We have received no form of compensation to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I saw her name neatly in her coat today it looks smart!!