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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ravensburger Puzzle Review - Happy Days, Brighton!

    Brighton has been a popular tourist destination for many years. This image, created by Yorkshire-based artist Kevin Walsh, is set in the 1960s and show families, mods and rockers, all enjoying the delights of Brighton and the Palace Pier in particular. Over the years the pier has continued to develop, and now marries exciting fairground rides for thrill-seekers with the best in seaside entertainment and nostalgic charm.

 Artist, Kevin Walsh produces lovely oil paintings depicting british culture and town and countryside scenes, mostly from the middle decades of the last century. Kevin Walsh often includes a mechanical or motorized vehicle from the 1950s in his great artwork.

I think this Ravensburger puzzle is great, its very colorful and vibrate making it incredibly eye catching.

The puzzle measures 70 x 50cm approx, and has the fantastic Premium Puzzle Soft Click Technology.

There is a range of ‘Happy Days’  jigsaws available with artwork by Kevin Walsh. As well as Brighton and Blackpool mentioned, the seaside range includes Weymouth and Sidmouth.

The Happy Days Brighton 1000 Piece Puzzle would make the perfect gift for puzzle mad fans just like us! You can purchase this puzzle from Amazon RRP: £11.99, currently reduced to £10.89.

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