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Sunday, 23 June 2019

MuralsWallpaper - Constellations Collection

Decorate for every star sign with the Constellations Collection

The Constellations Collection by MuralsWallpaper features the Zodiac mural design, depicting all of the celestial constellations, as well the the customisable Horoscope mural with 12 different designs - one for each star sign. This collection is perfect for adding more style and personality to a home's interiors.
These night sky wall murals will let you sleep under the stars, and will bring the zen feeling of gazing up at the cosmos to a room. Amongst the sprinklings of stars in the designs are the stand-out star signs, each illustrated with its constellation shape, zodiac character and calligraphic name.

The murals make an ideal interior design choice for any lover of the horoscope design trend that is everywhere from fashion to home decor.
The character drawings are playful yet stylish, resulting in a charming, on-trend collection that will make any space feel more special. And all of the constellation designs are completely customisable, allowing for the perfect reflection of personality.
Colours can be changed, and any name can be added in place of the zodiac's name. Two star sign illustrations can even be included in the same design as a mural for couples or best friends.

I personally love this designs and think they are a great idea for bedroom decoration. Head over to the website and take a look at the whole range available, and don't forget to leave me a blog post to tell me what your star sign is. 

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