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Friday, 2 August 2019

Vivacats Monthly Subscription Box- Review!

Vivacats Monthly Subscription Box Review

I recently saw a post advertising the Vivacats Monthly Subscription box.
As we have two kittens who are now 5 months old i thought i would give this service ago. 

When you sign up it asks you several questions about your cat/kitten to try and tailor your box to your fur baby. Its very simple and you can then pick which subscription you would like to sign up for. We have picked the 6 month package which includes free shipping and you save 25% for being tied into those 6 months. There are alternatives such as a pay monthly, which means you are not tied in to a subscription, but you do pay more for a box. They also offer a 12 month package.

The first box was £4.42 as an introductory offer, and it took a couple of weeks for it to arrive.

This months box was a Summer Box.

As you can see it arrived nicely packaged.

We opened the box up to discover what great treats were inside.

We received two tins of Thrive Complete Wet food. This is made from 70% fresh meat and tested by feline specialists. It is rich in vitamin A and D. It is highly digestible, with a large protein content and low in fat. The girls loved this and could not eat it quick enough.

We also recieved the Almo nature pouch, but unfortunately this is for adult cats only, so the girls cannot have this yet as they are still kittens.

These Pillow snacks by Flamingo went down really well, they are anti hairball which is ideal for hair shedding in the summer, and they are veal and malt flavour. 

As you can see Tigger really enjoyed these.

In each box you receive a surprise snack, the girls received these Shrimp snacks, unfortunately they didn't go down as well as the other treats. Pika seemed to like these but Tigger wouldn't eat them. I guess we all have something that we don't like, and Tigger's must be Shrimp.

Now these Salmon Granules from Nelly's Cuisine went down a storm with both the kittens. These are made of 80% fresh natural Salmon and are rich in Omega-3 and Vitamins A, B & D. They take great care of your cats skin and fur. They are also good for strengthening bones.

Beth enjoyed feeding the girls these treats.

The last thing we received in this fab box was a Mouse Glove by Flamingo. This was a very simple but fun toy. It was a glove that you put your hand in, and it had 5 mice attached to the glove by elastic. The toy was colourful and fun, but it was a bit of a pain when it got tangled, and could sometimes take a while to de-tangle. It also didn't take Pika long to bite through an elastic part and remove a mouse.

We really loved our first box from Vivacats, and cannot wait to receive our next one. Keep an eye out for our next Vivacats box review which will be up in the next few weeks.

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Disclaimer: All products in the review were bought by myself.

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